Why Your Budgeting App Isn’t Working (And What To Do About It)

You downloaded a budgeting app. Set up your spending categories. Linked your accounts. But a few weeks later, you’re still overspending. Yikes! The app didn’t magically fix your finances. A staggering 80% of people don’t use budgets consistently, even after setting them up. Some even spend more after getting a free budgeting app!  Why is that? And what can you do differently? Budgeting apps fail because they don’t change behavior. Tracking your spending is a good first step. But if it was enough, we’d all be stellar budgeters already.

The problem is, budgeting apps:
– Don’t hold you accountable. There’s no real consequence for blowing your budget. The app just shows you how much you overspent after the fact.
– Require lots of work and effort. Manually categorizing transactions is tedious. Setting realistic spending targets in every category is overwhelming. No wonder people give up!
– Feel like deprivation. With so much focus on cutting spending, budgeting starts to feel like a restrictive diet. And we all know how those usually end.

SwipeSwipe flips the script on budgeting

SwipeSwipe takes a radically different approach compared to other budgeting apps. It’s designed to actually change how you spend:
– Effortless to use
– Set one simple number: your daily/weekly/monthly online guild free allowance
– SwipeSwipe handles the rest – no need to categorize transactions
– Holds you accountable in the moment
– Alerts you when you’re close to spending more than you want
– Color-coded “spending thermometer” is a visual reminder to pause before purchasing
– Motivates you with tradeoffs
– Shows what long-term goals your savings could fund (e.g. retirement, dream home)
– Reframes budgeting as what you gain, not what you give up

How SwipeSwipe curbs overspending

Step 1: Set your online guild free spending allowance
Pick a simple daily, weekly, or monthly amount to spend on discretionary online purchases and set it up in the budgeting app.

Step 2: Shop normally
No need to categorize transactions or split purchases. Just shop online as usual and SwipeSwipe will track your spending in the background.

Step 3: Get alerts when approaching your allowances
SwipeSwipe notifies you when you’re at 50%, 75%, and 90% of your budget. This gives you a chance to rethink any impulse buys while you still can.

Step 4: See the tradeoff
SwipeSwipe puts your potential savings in perspective, showing you things that money could be used for instead by rescuing your dollars, like:
– Paying off debt
– Saving for a house 
– Building your retirement fund 
– Starting a business
– Donating to causes you care about

Step 5: Decide if it’s worth it
Knowing the real tradeoff, you can mindfully choose whether to make the purchase or save that money for a bigger priority.

Step 6: Iterate and improve
– SwipeSwipe makes it easy to adjust your budget as you go. Consistently hitting your target? Awesome – try ratcheting it down. Frequently going over? No shame
– Boost it up a bit. Small, gradual improvements add up big over time.

Make your budget work for you

Budgets shouldn’t be a buzzkill. With the right approach, they’re a powerful tool to align your spending with your priorities. SwipeSwipe makes it that simple to get started and stick with it. So, you can stress less about money and focus on what matters most.  Ready to take control of your spending with the best budgeting app? SwipeSwipe is free for a limited time swipeswipe.com

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