SwipeSwipe: Mastering Impulse Control in a World of Digital Convenience

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How to control spending and change your spending habits.
Nice to see you today, I know you don’t know me yet, and I don’t know you, but let me share a familiar story with you, a rash impulse that I’m sure has tickled you before, just as it has me. It’s a small fold at first, we bend but don’t break, right? But, when little impulses ripple into bigger habits, stress and guilt multiply faster than the small choices that got us there. Let’s imagine…
You shuffle sleepily into your kitchen, only the glow of the open fridge lights the room. The digital clock in the corner blinks red, it’s late, but your bleary eyes notice only the pint of ice cream, back-lit and beckoning in the freezer.
Stop me if this isn’t you, but let’s be honest the diet is one of a few too many things that swing when you wish your will power would hold strong. That same emotional twist that makes your stomach grumble at midnight also sends mountains of brown smile-stamped boxes to your doorstep in the blink of an eye. It’s got you clicking and swiping like a NASA engineer at launch time, only your mission is a new watch, concert tickets, or a pair of shoes. That is to say, these small decisions pile up and invade more important parts of your life than the desert menu.

Let’s face it, we’re experts, you and I, at twisting our own logic and dodging self control, masters at justifying the emotional bite or buy, and most of the world is designed to encourage that indulgence. We can make quick withdrawals at the ATM, buy now and pay later, pre-load our cards into all sorts of automated services. It’s so efficient and carefree that It almost feels like monopoly money, right? That is until the bills are due.

You kick yourself for that late night ice cream when you wake up feeling gorged, but mindless spending can take a much more serious toll. It feels magical in the moment, but we all know it’s too good to be true.

Now you could return the boxes or spend an extra hour in the gym, but what a day you’ve already had. You plop down, kick off the shoes you’ve just replaced, and wish the new watch would just walk out the door. It’s so hard to plan for better spending decisions, why isn’t there an angel on your shoulder to help reel you back in from the tipping point? It’s so easy to break once and then again and again, what we need most is help sticking to our good habits in the first place. There’s so many digital tools to encourage indulgence, shouldn’t there be just one to help us curb our impulses?

I could throw you a spreadsheet, I could say talk to a banker, or your grandpa who preaches about the S&P 500 as if it were a religion, but in a world of little swipes that lead to big consequences, you need to meet those impulses on the battlefield, in the virtual shopping cart. This angel might not keep you from reaching for the midnight ice cream, but it will keep the impulse buys from piling up at your doorstep stamped with facetious blue smiles. I’m that angel you’ve been looking for, I’m SwipeSwipe.
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