Helping Credit
Unions Grow

By providing new products credit union members want

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83% of Credit Union Members Overspend

SwipeSwipe Can Fix It

Swipe Swipe helps Transform your Credit Union

Grow without
Competing with Banks

Increase net worth of your members

Advance your Digital Transformation

Our innovative product will help you advance

Bring in
Younger Members 

It’s cool to have more money effortlessly

Benefits and Positive Outcomes

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Meet SwipeSwipe, your responsible money friend

SwipeSwipe is a Chrome browser extension that helps you keep track of your online spending and provides real-time advice while you shop.

Private Zoom Demo with the Founder

Help Members Improve Money Habits

Slow the speed of Overspending. SwipeSwipe will let you know if you get close to your allowed amount

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Services to Help Members Save

SwipeSwipe keeps track of what you spent online and shows how much is left for saving and investing

People Helping People

Simplify “good behavior” and Increase Investment

Let value, not emotions drive decisions

Provide products to reach financial goals

Let's Grow Together

Change member habits. Provide innovative services that help members save and invest. Schedule a Demo below.

Private Zoom Demo with the Founder