How to Use Reports

Unlocking Financial Insight: Navigating Your Reports

Our reports are crafted to empower you with a deeper understanding of your spending patterns, equipping you to retain more of your hard-earned dollars.

Utilizing the reports

Each of the reports shows the following key elements: 

Total Spent – the amount you have already spent.

Allowance Left – your remaining guilt-free spending capacity, as determined by the filters you have established.

Analyzing each report

Daily Report

Let’s start with analyzing my Daily Report.
Today I did great, I spent only $25 out of my $75 daily guilt-free allowance.

Weekly Report

Next let’s take a look at my Weekly Report. It seems that I am very close to going over my guilt free spending, I have only $100 left to spend and my color is orange.

Monthly Report

My next report is my Monthly Report, it seems that I have reached my limit, I have no more money to spend, however I am not negative, which is good news for me.

Conclusions and Future Steps

This month I came very close to overspending, I have gotten to a point where I have no more money to spend this month and it seems that I am overspending mostly on Amazon. Why? I think because it’s very convenient and easy, I can just click a button and it is at my door the next day. In my previous month I went over my guilt free spending by $400, and it was because of my purchases on Amazon.

Next steps, review my purchases on Amazon. Understand what I bought that has little value to me or I don’t really need. Return these items. I decided to return $270 worth of merchandise, and now I am putting that money into an investment account to help me have a more secure financial future. 

Here is something crazy, if I keep doing this every month, if I save and invest $270 a month for 30 years and I get a 12% return, it will become $943,640. Check my calculation here:

Why these 3 reports?

Research shows that most people don’t like budgeting and it does not work for many people. So, we’re introducing new concepts based on habits and neuroscience. We want you to have the easiest tools possible to gain the maximum control of your online spending.

By reviewing these reports daily, you will achieve:

1. Heightened awareness of your online spending habits

2. The ability to bridge a gap between your present and future financial goals

3. A catalyst for cultivating a healthier relationship with your money, enabling you to retain more of it in your pocket, bank account and your investment portfolio


If you feel that your allowances have been too high or too low you can always adjust your amounts for guilt-free spending.