Financial Health Overview

Your Financial Snapshot

The overview report provides valuable insights into your spending patterns and empowers you to make informed financial decisions. Here is what you will discover:

Weekly and Monthly Spending

A breakdown of how much you’ve spend both this week and this month.

How much you can still spend guilt-free this week and this month

Insights into how much you can still spend guilt-free for both the current week and month.

The idea is to help you align what you spend with what you have in different time frames, so you can learn to adjust your spending and purchasing decisions before you overspend significantly.

The best practice is to think about what other purchases you might need for the month and create a prioritized list, put everything there and then decide what you really need. Create a wish list of what you think you need down the road.

A Real-Life Example (True story)

Let me share a compelling short story from one of our SwipeSwipe Advisors.

When Natalya was three, she went with her dad to a supermarket. And guess what? She spots this tiny toy on a shelf that she really, really wants. Now her dad sees a chance for a valuable life lesson. He’s only got 5 dollars, so he lays it out for her, “Hey kiddo, we can either buy that toy for 5 dollars or buy bread for your grandparents, which is the main reason we’re here. We can’t buy both, and I want you to make that decision”. After a brief moment of contemplation, Natalya says “Let’s get bread”.

While we may not face such extreme choices regularly, this story underscores the importance of evaluating our needs and wants. Consider whether you genuinely need a particular item, or if that money could be channeled toward your retirement savings, affording your child’s education, purchasing a larger home, or enabling extensive travel.

Do you truly desire that handbag, those new power tools, or that additional piece of clothing? Or could your money serve you better when saved and invested wisely? The choice is yours.

The Power of Tracking Your Progress
Track Your Spending Trends 🔍

By regularly reviewing this report, you’ll become more aware of your spending patterns over time. Notice any recurring expenses or trends that can be optimized.

Celebrate Your Achievements 🏆

Recognize moments when you stay within your guilt-free allowance and make prudent financial choices. Reward yourself for reaching your financial milestones.

Adjust Your Strategies 🎯

If you consistently find yourself nearing your spending limits, consider adjusting your budget or exploring ways to increase your income. Continuously refine your spending priorities based on your evolving financial goals.

By consistently monitoring your financial progress, you’ll develop a stronger sense of control over your spending habits and be better equipped to secure your financial future.

The Road to Financial Freedom

Embrace Financial Discipline 💸

Use the SwipeSwipe plugin daily, stay true to your prioritized purchases and reduce impulsive purchases.

Define Your Financial Goals 💎

You have to know why you need money. Understand your short-term and long-term financial objectives, whether it is building an emergency fund, saving for your dream vacation, planning for retirement, or buying a dream house. Clarity and priority are key.

Create a Savings and Investment Strategy 💰

Save as much as you can on online purchases with SwipeSwipe. Create a system to your savings and investment. What you save and rescue from your online purchases, put it into your savings and investment accounts. 

You will be surprised how much you can achieve over time by making small changes and better decisions on a daily basis. We are here to help and get you to a secure financial future for yourself and your loved ones.