Our Story

About SwipeSwipe

Our Transformation from Overspenders to Financial Freedom Advocates

At SwipeSwipe, we’ve undergone a remarkable transformation in our lives. We were once chronic overspenders, navigating the harsh consequences of our financial decisions. Overspending cost us more than just money; it took a toll on every aspect of our lives.

Real Costs of Overspending

The cost is not just measured in dollars, it is measured in so much more:

· Strained relationships with loved ones
· Anxiety
· Depression
· High alcohol consumption became a coping mechanism
· No retirement savings
· Fear to start a family or have more kids
· Missing opportunities to purchase homes we truly deserved

What’s astonishing is that we held good jobs and earned decent incomes, yet overspending managed to strip away more than we initially realized.

The Shocking Reality: 83% of Americans Overspend

For many of us, recognizing our overspending tendencies can take a lifetime of painful lessons. It often begins with conflicts within our relationships, whether it’s with our life partners, family members, or close friends. We acknowledge the problem but struggle to find a solution. Denial becomes the easiest path when the way forward is unclear.

Then, life throws a curveball – a job loss that leaves us unable to pay off credit card debts. Panic sets in, and we scramble to reduce our spending, attempt to budget, search for new employment, and borrow from friends and family because we hadn’t saved enough.

This cycle perpetuates negativity, increases credit card debt, and plunges us into emotional turmoil. Even if you have some savings or a 401K, it’s a false sense of control.

To withstand financial turbulence, continuous saving, investing, and managing emotional and impulsive purchases are essential. It’s not about your income level; it’s about changing your habits.

The Good News: Change is Posssible for Everyone

Transforming your financial situation isn’t about the amount you earn; it’s about you. We all have different relationships with money and unique life experiences that shape our habits.

Start small, use SwipeSwipe daily, and embark on your journey. You don’t need to sift through thousands of pages of research, create countless spreadsheets, or help numerous people understand overspending better – we’ve done that for you.

We broke free from the cycle of overspending, and it’s both exhilarating and empowering. We began saving, investing, and achieving our financial goals. More importantly, we’ve seen improvements in our family life, relationships, and personal growth.

You can do it too, using the resources you already possess. Take small steps daily, persist over months, witness gradual results, and keep pushing forward. There’s no overnight fix – it’s about consistent progress.

How Did We Achieve it?

Our method revolves around simplicity. We learned from experts, attended classes, read books, conducted experiments, faced failures, and persevered.

We firmly believe that everyone can do better than their current financial state. The choice is yours – believe in yourself and take action.

Start by changing one habit at a time. Don’t attempt to solve the entire problem overnight. If overspending on clothing or going out is an issue, consider alternatives, like organizing affordable movie nights or game nights with friends. Substitute expensive outings with budget-friendly options.

Understanding why you overspend is crucial. Is it boredom, insecurity, fear, a desire to fit in, or something rooted in your past? Every overspender has a reason, and addressing it can save you money.

Examine your beliefs about money; they might surprise you. We’ll provide straightforward exercises to help you gain clarity.

Build on your newfound knowledge, replace bad habits with good ones, plan your purchases, identify financial goals, and execute your plan. Automation is a powerful tool – we’ve set up automatic transfers for retirement, education, and vacations, and we implore you to do the same.

SwipeSwipe Life-Changing Potential

We’re starting with the basics. First, let’s build your awareness. We’ll help you understand your online spending habits and, eventually, all your spending.

Do you know how much you’re spending online? Most of us didn’t either, and that’s okay. We’re here to learn and prosper together.

Do you know when it’s time to slow down your spending and plan more wisely? Chances are, you don’t. We didn’t either.

We’ll help you first curb overspending and then substantially reduce it. Afterward, we’ll assist you in defining your goals, achieving financial security and independence, and growing your wealth for a prosperous future.

Rest assured, we won’t subject you to tedious budgeting. Instead, we’ll provide you with straightforward spending planning tools. Let’s start small – plan your daily and future expenses while keeping a wish list for non-urgent items.

We’ll also offer simple exercises to change your relationship with money and improve your connections with loved ones.

Discover the answers to essential questions about yourself and automate the investment of your rescued funds. Watch your money grow while securing your financial future.

Join us on the path to your new life. We’ll continuously enhance your financial well-being today and guide you toward the future you deserve. Over time, your spending and financial habits will improve, you’ll develop healthy money habits, and you’ll make wiser financial decisions, prioritizing what truly matters to you over momentary desires.

We’re just beginning with online shopping; together, we’ll gain greater control over your spending wherever you shop.