The only tool that prevents overspending
while you shop

We help you save more money
to reach your financial goals

Early adopters will get all main tools free for life.
No credit cards. No bank accounts.

Family Saving Money

Say goodbye to buyer's remorse

It's time to get control of your finances

Money Habits

Prevent emotional spending before it becomes a problem

Your Savings

Save your unspent dollars for things you truly desire

Financial Stress

Get clarity and confidence about money and your life

SwipeSwipe currently works on Amazon and Walmart

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Meet SwipeSwipe, your responsible money friend

SwipeSwipe is a Chrome browser extension that helps you keep track of your online spending and provides real-time advice while you shop.

No credit cards. No bank accounts.

Avoid impulse buying beyond your means

Shop without regrets knowing SwipeSwipe will let you know if you get close to your allowed amount

SwipeSwipe Overspent Alert popup

Know how much you can spend guilt-free

SwipeSwipe keeps track of what you spent online and shows how much is left for guilt-free shopping

Stay on budget without the pain of budgeting

See an overview of your online purchases and improve spending week after week

Ready to achieve your goals?

Have a Safety Net

Create an emergency fund and eliminate money stress and arguments

Afford Education

Be able to save and afford a great education and ensure your family’s future

Eliminate Debt

Pay off your debt, improve your credit score and regain control of your life

Purchase a Home

Buy the house or a car you want and turn your dream into a reality

Retire Early

Achieve prosperity and comfort and retire when you are ready

Financial freedom awaits

Change your money habits. Save without the pain, grow your money and reduce financial stress.

Early adopters will get all main tools free for life.
No credit cards. No bank accounts.